New apartments in Toscolano Maderno

Dominating position on lake Garda with pool

Sale Two bedroom flat 427.000 RIF. V029 C.E. Richiesta EPgl. A

Lago di Garda

In a south / west hillside location on the western shore of Lake Garda, between Toscolano Maderno and Bogliaco, this idyllic property is 150 meters above the lake. From here you have a breathtaking view over the largest lake in Italy. The absolute tranquility and the 360 degree sun position with unobstructed lake and mountain views make this location an absolute pearl on the west coast.
Wide beaches, old narrow streets and a breathtaking panorama of the lake and mountain scenery create a unique flair in the villages of Gargnano and Toscolano Maderno, which leads to the purchase of a villa, a house, an apartment or a property.
In just 5 minutes by car you are in the town center, at the harbor, on the lakeshore and take part in the Dolcevita.
Although Gargnano / Toscolano Maderno / Gardone are only small towns on the western shore of Lake Garda, there are not only numerous, good and authentic restaurants and bars / cafes, but also the best 5 star hotels on Lake Garda and several 1-2 stars Restaurants
Golf lovers will find a championship course about 1.5 km away. In addition to the long opportunities to enjoy the Lake Garda region. Magnificent parks,  to enjoy the Lake Garda region. Magnificent parks, gardens, lake promenades, concerts and cultural events invite you all year round. Hiking opportunities for nature lovers, mountain bike trails as well as excellent restaurants and local shops offer every visitor a wide variety of opportunities.





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